Hey guys! We know things have been pretty stagnant lately but we are pleased to announce that we are going to be jamming with a new drummer and bassist this month. Hopefully we will be releasing new material soon as well. thanks for sticking around!

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The single version of “The Feast” is now up! Thank you so much for your support.

North Shore is Brad Hosler and Deen Nault.

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Rving up at the North Shore - The Band’s Origins

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This is my Edmonton Jam #25


This week’s Edmonton Jam is brought to you by North Shore!

Pump up the jam, pump it up:



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North Shore featured on The Past is Unwritten! Jan 7th / Tagged: north shore / 0 notes †
North Shore's origins, rise, and future are all covered in their first interview on Turn It Up To Twelve. Jan 6th / Tagged: north shore news / 3 notes †

Anonymous said: I live in North Shore,Auckland, New Zealand ;)

Hahahaha tight!

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They say love’s blind, I disagree
Cause love sees right through me
And they say time heals all wounds
But not even time will rid me of you
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In three days time, our demo song has hit 1000 plays. Thank you so much. We’re working on a somewhat better quality demo before we hit the studio, which will hopefully be up tomorrow. 

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A little teaser before the full article comes out.


Karen Graham of turnituptotwelve.com (formerly headbangerwoman.com) gives us a bit of a taste of North Shore.

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So close to 1000 plays I can taste it… following that milestone we will be releasing a better quality version of “The Feast Before the Massacre”, and following the release of our first interview on headbangerwoman.com we will be releasing our second demo, “Home”. Exciting stuff, folks! Stay tuned!

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